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February 1, 2008

Dimond's Beer Gardens

Tepper's Garden on Hopkins (MacArthur) St. Date: 1909
History Room: Click for larger picture

Charlie Tepper's Hotel
(Photo: Tribune)

Charlie Tepper's Hotel today
2030-C MacArthur Boulevard

East side

North side

OHA News Fall 1986
I believe Neckhaus was located across Hopkins from Tepper's

1903 Sanborn map with beer gardens
note the bridge on Hopkins
The women are walking down from Prospect Hill
towards Hopkins (MacArthur) and Fruitvale.
You can see the sign for Andersen's Grocery.
On their right is Bauerhofer's Wine and Beer Garden.

Picture flipped horizontally
On the corner was the notorious Hermitage
with their versatile French dancing girls.
Radio Shack is there today
with iPods but no dancers.
You'll have to download the movie

Red arrow: Hermitage
Purple: Andersen's Grocery
Blue: Rhoda's 2nd house now Lincoln Court
Rhoda's first house

Nielsen and Andersen Grocery
Photo: History Room

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